Pink-Purple Glow Pigment

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10 Gram Jar
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Mix it into gels and acrylics. For gels and gel polish, use on top of tacky layer. For acrylic, simply mix in with your choice of acrylic. We suggest a ratio 2:1 or 3:1 (1 being the glow powder)

These are FDA approved pigments that you could use on your nails (Zinc Sulfide). Don't get duped by Chinese fakes! Import powder can contain fillers and other unknown chemicals.

Activate the glow in a UV lamp, LED lamp or out in the sun. The glow time depends on the time of exposure to the light source. The glow can last for 10-20 min. The blush pink needs charged longer than other colors to reach a bright, deep glow.

-keep the pigment away from the sun in a cool place-
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